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Meals Make Memories

Meals Make Memories

Part of my reason for launching G’NOSH gourmet dips range is my passion for sharing great food and what a joy this can be.

Meals can be, and often are, the very focal point of great family and friendship memories – whether it’s a happy picture in your mind’s eye of a childhood picnic enjoyed with relatives now passed, an enjoyable wedding breakfast, the first meal in your first real home as an adult, a particularly great Christmas dinner or perhaps a BBQ for no real reason at all other than to enjoy the company of loved ones over some good food – it’s true, meals really do make great memories.

The best memories are anchored in our taste buds – food is such an emotive thing – it can easily transport you back to a time and/or a place.
Food is inextricably linked to our social lives. It’s a key part of family life and interaction with our friends. Our food memories are very poignant because they’re associated with the best times, the warmest times, with your family or on holidays somewhere.

• Gathering mushrooms while camping on a farm – then frying them up with lots of butter for dinner on a camp stove in the great outdoors. Delicious!
• Friday night fish ‘n chips takeaways, always served in newspaper wrappings. We used to make a hole in the top and eat straight out of the paper. Fond memories of this after a day on the ski field too.
• Freshly caught Snapper after fishing on the Hauraki Gulf with my dad. Then wrapped in tinfoil and cooked fresh on the barby.
• London dinner parties – when I entertain I prefer to spend time enjoying the company of friends so try to find the balance of serving food that will wow but requires little time in the kitchen on the night. Lamb is always a hit and so easy to prepare and cook. I crust lamb racks in homemade Dukkah mixture – a Middle Eastern spice that always guarantees to spice up your dinner menu. Its delicious, super easy, only 20mins to cook the lamb racks. Recipe below. Serve with 1-2 beautiful salads and roasted baby potatoes.
• Coconut milk marinated raw fish. A fabulous seafood starter that will make you dream of white sand and the pacific ocean. Best with white fish.

Dukkah recipe

• 110g (2/3 cup) hazelnuts
• 80g (1/2 cup) sesame seeds
• 2 tbs coriander seeds
• 2 tbs cumin seeds
• 2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
• 1 tsp flaked sea salt (like Maldon brand)
• Extra virgin olive oil, to serve

1. Spread the hazelnuts over a baking tray and cook in preheated oven for 3-4 minutes or until toasted. Rub the hazelnuts between a clean tea towel to remove as much skin as possible.
2. Place the toasted hazelnuts in the bowl of a food processor and process until coarsely chopped. Transfer to a large bowl.
3. Heat a medium frying pan over medium heat. Add the sesame seeds and cook, stirring, for 1-2 minutes or until golden. Add to the bowl with the hazelnuts.
4. Place coriander seeds and cumin seeds in frying pan over medium heat, and cook, stirring frequently, for 1-2 minutes or until aromatic and seeds begin to pop. Transfer seeds to a mortar and pestle. Pound until finely crushed (alternatively, use a coffee or spice grinder). Add the crushed spices, pepper and salt to the hazelnut mixture and mix well.
5. Serve dukkah with some extra virgin olive oil and crusty bread. Or add as a crust on lamb racks. Rub lamb racks in some oil so the Dukkah sticks to the meat well and cook for 20 mins.
Coconut milk marinated raw fish

• 500 Grams fish fillet (Preferable Snapper or cod) Raw
• 1/2 Liter Freshly Squeezed lemon juice
• 1 Can coconut milk
• onion
• tomatoes
• coriander
• green onion
• Red Chillies
• salt to Taste
How to make it
• Dry the fish well with a paper towel or clean cloth
• Cut into Cubes about 1.5 to 2 cubic cm
• Pour into a bowl and pour in the Lemon Juice.
• Put in bottom fridge to marinade (2 hours) while you prepare the other ingredients
• Prepare in a different bowl
• Cut half an onion into fine cubes
• Half a cup of freshly cut tomato cubes
• Half a cup of coriander and green onion
• Diced chillies (as much or little, according to your preference)

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite meals which I’ve enjoyed over the years. Please do share your meal memories with us on Facebook and Twitter – we love hearing your experiences.

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Yesterday G’NOSH joined forces with the popchips team and descended onto Soho Square, London for a flash-picnic.

It was a great way to take advantage of the fantastic weather as well as an excuse to enjoy some delicious chips ‘n’ dips action with popchips who are one of the perfect partners for the G’NOSH gourmet dips.
Keep an eye on the G’NOSH Twitter page as you may find further pop-up-picnics happening throughout the summer keep an eye out for the hashtag #popuppicnic.

I’d like to thank all of the lovely people who attended our flash-picnic and as you can see from some of the photographs – it was a fun afternoon in one of the capital’s most iconic gardens.

Check out G’NOSH Twitter:

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G’NOSH Earl of (Chicken) Sandwich Recipe with Hello Fresh

Here at G’NOSH we pride ourselves on innovation and keeping ahead of foodie trends, so we jumped at the chance of being included within a Hello Fresh delivery box. In case you don’t already know, Hello Fresh is a revolutionary grocery and recipe delivery service that like G’NOSH, helps make good quality, gourmet food convenient.

Hello Fresh supplies customers with weekly step-by-step recipe cards and all of the ingredients needed to create each dish measured out exactly depending on how many people the meal plan is for and whether it’s for one of their three or five night plans. Hello Fresh combines convenient meals with the experience of cooking with top-quality fresh ingredients, and this week that included our very own pot of G’NOSH!

Hello Fresh Head Chef, Patrick Drake, has put together this fantastic recipe, using the Tomato & Basil Chunky dip.

The recipe is for The Earl of (Chicken) Sandwich and there is a little history about the inspiration for this dish and really easy step-by-step instructions too.

Go on…try it at home!

2 Chicken Breasts
2 Ciabbata Rolls
A Dollop of G’nosh Dip
1 Gem Lettuce
1 Lemon
60g Cherry Tomatoes
2 Cloves of Garlic
A Couple of Sprigs of Rosemary
• Pre-heat your grill to high. Coarsely chop the baby gem lettuce and cut the tomatoes in half. Peel and finely dice one and a half cloves of garlic (we’ll use the leftover half later) and remove the rosemary leaves from the stalks
• Place your hand flat on each chicken breast and slice through its side, to open it up like a book. You’ve just ‘butterflied’ your chicken
• Coat each chicken breast in half a teaspoon of olive oil, the diced garlic, rosemary leaves, a bit of lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice. Lastly, season them well with salt and pepper before grilling them for about 6 minutes on each side
• To make the dressing simply mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of olive oil and and a pinch of salt and pepper
• Once the chicken is cooked cut the ciabatta in half and grill each side until it’s nicely toasted. Rub the little chunk of garlic you have left across the surface of the bread and then top this with a healthy spoonful of your G’NOSH CHUNKY Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Dip
• Top the ciabatta with your grilled chicken and set up a deck-chair in any available piece of outdoor space you can find

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Modern Twists To Classic Dishes

There is nothing better than updating and re-interpreting an old classic dish to ensure that nostalgic meals that hark back to our childhood can still be enjoyed but with a modern twist.

As recent media coverage highlights Brits particularly love their pies and pastries and here are three tips on incorporating a contemporary feel to an old-time classic:

1) Be creative and try a bitter chocolate and venison pie, make your guests want more with this oozing treat
2) Swap traditional English pickled onions or chutneys to G’NOSH Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper Dip, a great way to spice up a home-made dish
3) Try using some of your artistic skills in the kitchen and create a Heart shaped pie to produce the ultimate wow factor for guests

Shepherd’s Pie is a great example of a typically popular family meal that everyone has their own variation of and here are three new twists to make sure this family staple never gets boring:

1) Update your plain spuds with some freshly grated horseradish or some smoked paprika to add some fire to the dish
2) Switch your traditional meat or lamb filling for some boneless spiral ham with honey gaze for a different flavour dimension
3) Why not combine your potatoes with sweet potatoes or even butternut squash to create a sweeter flavour that is particularly good for getting the younger ones eating vegetables

If you have a classic dish that you’ve given a modern makeover then don’t forget to share with us on our Facebook or Twitter page:
Twitter: @gnoshers

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A Dip in the Tempura-Ture

Sometimes there is no better way to enjoy G’NOSH dips than just as a simple dip – but this doesn’t mean what you dip into them has to be boring!

Here is an idea to jazz up some crudités with a delicious tempura batter to add more flavour and texture – great for parties, gatherings or just to enjoy at home with your nearest and dearest.

Tempura Battered Crudités

Batter Ingredients
1 and ¼ cup of flour
1 cup of beer or a light ale
1 free-range egg, beaten
Pinch of cayenne pepper
1 clove crushed garlic
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Vegetables of your choice – this can include sliced sweet peppers, courgette or carrot sticks


1)Heat oil in a large saucepan on a high/medium heat
2)In the meantime, whisk all of the batter ingredients until it resembles pancake mixture
3)Prepare your vegetable of choice by cutting them down to batons and trimming any stalks
4)Immerse the vegetables into the batter, then using tongs very carefully lover each crudité into the hot oil
5)Fry for four minutes or until golden brown and remove and place onto some kitchen towel to absorb any excess oil then serve with your favourite G’NOSH dips

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Alfresco Made Easy

Finally the weather is starting to improve and with the school holidays about to begin it’s time to dig out your trusty hamper and blanket and prepare for some picnic fun with your friends and family.

Here is my definitive picnic guide which you’ll see has a few traditions with the odd modern twist to ensure an up-to-date and enjoyable afternoon with your loved ones:

  • Bring a selection of decadent and moreish sandwiches. I love smoked salmon with cream cheese, a squeeze of lemon and a sprig of fresh dill. Roast beef and rocket with G’NOSH Beetroot and Mint Dip or classic cucumber sandwiches are also popular
  • Prepare some stylish blinis to add an air of sophistication to your picnic. Top each with a teaspoon of G’NOSH Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper Dip and cubes of feta cheese (these also make a great canapé for parties)
  • Pay homage to your childhood with retro cocktail sausages, mini sausage rolls and home-made Scotch eggs
  • Bring a deluxe salad of halloumi, tomato and lettuce leaves and liven up by serving with a complementary dressing of G’NOSH Babaghanoush Dip
  • Sweet treats are a must so include some mini flapjacks, individual apple pies, iced buns and yum yums – for an Antipodean treat, lamingtons are a must
  • Make the most of seasonal strawberries and serve with some fresh cream and meringue pieces
  • Wash down the picnic fare with some fresh orange juice or home-made lemonade and for the adults why not splash out and enjoy the outdoor dining experience with a glass of fizz

The final decision is where to enjoy your picnic. In London my favourite two spots are Hampstead Health and Fulham Palace Gardens but please do share with us your favourite spots on Facebook and Twitter and tell us about your favourite picnic memories too.

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Skinny Dipping

The summer seems to have finally arrived and with it brings the inevitable desire to be beach-confident.

As you know here at G’NOSH we believe in enjoying our food and having a little of everything in moderation. So we thought we’d give our readers a few tips to sustain good health and enjoy a lighter diet to ensure you maintain summer confidence.

1) Take a walk to work instead of using public transport or driving. If you have a long commute, jump off of the bus or train 2-3 stops early and finish the journey on foot

2) Swap an indulgent Friday evening takeaway for ‘alternative fish and chips.’ Top fillets of sustainable white fish, such as Coley or Pollack, with a spoonful of G’NOSH Muhumarra – Spicy Red Pepper Dip and spread over evenly, place into a large oven-proof dish. Par-boil some sweet potatoes cut into wedges for 10-15 minutes, until slightly softened. Drain and add to the oven dish with the fish. Drizzle with a little olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste and bake for 20-25 minutes until the fish is cooked through and the wedges are lightly golden. In the meantime, prepare a green leaf salad and season with some lemon juice and freshly ground black pepper to accompany your now not-so-naughty Friday supper

3) Arrange for a group game of rounders or cricket at a local park one weekend afternoon. It’s a great way to socialise with friends, family and even colleagues and keep active at the same time. This is also a fun way of including the children and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle in them from a young age – summer is all about having fun!

4) Take an interest in gardening – mowing the lawn, pulling up weeds, watering the plants and flowers and even dead-heading flowers is a great way of burning energy whilst enjoying the summer sunshine and getting your daily dosage of Vitamin D

5) Another great summer recipe which is low in calories and fat and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike is G’NOSH Pasta & Meatballs:

  • Combine some high quality, lean turkey mince, finely diced onion and garlic and half a cup full of breadcrumbs, with some freshly chopped coriander and a beaten egg in a mixing bowl. Mix together using your hands and form evenly sized meatballs. Place these under the grill, turning occasionally until golden brown and cooked through
  • In the meantime, cook some fresh pasta, such as spaghetti, drain and add to a non-stick pan with two tablespoons of G’NOSH Tomato and Basil Chunky Dip and one tablespoon of creme fraiche and put on a low heat. Add the cooked meatballs and toss with the pasta to ensure everything is evenly coated in the sauce
  • If you like some spice add some freshly chopped chilli to the meatball sauce mixture – remember chilli helps to speed up metabolism, but omit if preparing for young children
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Get Some G’NOSH In Your Life

Here at G’NOSH we feel that the ways to use G’NOSH are endless, so this week we are paying homage to one of the five dips by giving you five top tips of how to enjoy the G’NOSH Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper Dip in new and interesting ways.

  1. Marinate a fillet of white fish in a spoonful of the G’NOSH for a couple of hours. Bake in a tray with some cherry tomatoes, chopped courgettes, red onion and a green or yellow bell pepper sliced
  2. Top a flatbread with a layer of the Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper Dip then top with some wild mushrooms and a thin layer of Mozzarella or Emental cheese and place under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese is melted
  3. Bake some sweet potatoes until the centre is soft and fluffy, cut in half and scoop out the insides into a bowl. Add a large spoonful of Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper Dip and a small spoonful of butter and mash or put through a potato ricer until nice and smooth. Pop back into the potato shells and top with some grated cheese. Place under a grill for a few minutes until the cheese is melted and then serve with a side salad
  4. Place some chopped onions in a pan with a little olive oil and cook until softened with some crushed garlic. Add 2 tablespoons of crème fraiche to the mixture and some fresh or frozen garden peas. Add a spoonful of the G’NOSH to the sauce and cook through for a few minutes. Meanwhile cook some fresh pasta (we like spaghettini), drain and add to the pan with the sauce and stir through for a delicious vegetarian dish
  5. Make spicy baked eggs by heating a small tin of chopped tomatoes in a pan with a little drizzle of olive oil. Next add some roughly torn basil and a spoonful of G’NOSH and heat for a couple of minutes. Add half each of the mixture to two ramekins and then crack an egg on top. Bake for 10 minutes or until just set – serve with some crusty, fresh bread – perfect
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Around The World In 5 Dips

Take your taste buds on a cultural adventure without the exhaustion of a long-haul flight by blending G’NOSH into some delicious international dishes…


  1. Blend some Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper Dip to add Middle-Eastern flare to a summery chicken salad consisting of cooked quinoa, lightly steamed vegetables, cucumber and fresh herbs. Top off with toasted nuts or seeds drizzled with a little olive oil and a squeeze of lemon for a fresh and fragrant dish.
  2. Try Beetroot and Mint Dip infused sushi. Give Japanese hand-rolled sushi a makeover by spreading a layer of the Beetroot and Mint Dip onto the sashimi and rice base. Then use a bamboo rolling mat, roll everything up and slice into bite-size pieces – delicious!
  3. Stir in a couple of spoonful’s of the Black Bean Dip into a mushroom risotto to give a traditional Italian dish a mouthwatering, modern alternative taste.
  4. Add some Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Dip to a taco filled with haddock, lime and coriander as an alternative to salsa – that’ll be sure to liven you up after a Mexican-style siesta.
  5. Mix up cultures by spreading a layer of G’NOSH Smoky Aubergine Babaghanoush Dip over some warmed Indian naan breads for a quick and tasty snack, perfect for anyone who’s on the go
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Provenance in the UK

Food in the UK is typically thought of as being summed up by fish and chips and roast dinners. While these can be great, there is a lot more to gastronomy in Great Britain.

Provenance is very important to a whole range of towns and cities across the UK, and locations such as Cornwall (home and birth place to the humble Cornish Pasty and Clotted Cream), are very proud of the edible items that make up part of their heritage.

Some of these items even take their name from the place they were first thought of, and we’ve listed some of our favourites for you.

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