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Tis the season for… asparagus!

Rejoice! Asparagus season is upon us again. It’s that time of year when those succulent green spears poke up through the soil and get their first glimpse of spring sunshine. Nothing beats feasting on a particular fruit or vegetable when it’s in season and this certainly holds true for this tasty favourite. But green isn’t the only variety that we can get in the shops. Here’s a little explanation of what you might find…


As this type of asparagus grows, soil is scattered over the tips to ensure it doesn’t get any sunlight. This stops photosynthesis from occurring which means the crops don’t turn that familiar green colour but instead remain white. Often found in UK supermarkets in jars, this type has a sweet taste that goes nicely in summer salads.


Wild asparagus has a much finer and more delicate stem than the garden variety that we are used to. The flavour is also more subtle so don’t mess with it. A bit of butter, salt and pepper is all you need!


Slightly sweeter than the garden variety and with a thicker stem, purple asparagus can be eaten raw and therefore makes a great and really pretty addition to salads. So ditch the your boring lettuce leaves and use these instead

Green Garden Variety

This is the asparagus we know and love with its characteristic, tender green spears. There are so many ways to serve this robust vegetable and when there’s a glut around it would be foolish not to indulge in at a least a few. Why not try them roasted with lemon and coriander seeds or chargrilled to achieve to some smoky notes?

Top Tip: If you put the spears in a small jug of water and place in your fridge this should keep them fresh for a few days.


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