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Latin Fever

We’re nuts for anything Brazil related here at G’NOSH HQ. We’re dressed in green, yellow or blue, we’re eating Latin foods and we’re suddenly really interested in football. This week were focusing on our favourite Brazilian foods – and ways to use them. Is that Samba we can hear?

Acai berries

If you’ve ever been to Brazil, you’ll know that this tiny fruit packs a powerful punch. The acai berry grows in the Amazon Rainforest on the Acai Palm tree. It’s hard to find fresh ones here in the UK, but the powdered form is easily available, and is great in a smoothie, juice or sprinkled on yoghurt and granola. The berries themselves have a chocolatey, red wine flavour and are jam packed with antioxidants, helping with any caipirinha induced hangover. They also contain fibre, for a healthy digestive system, and absolutely bucket loads of vitamin C and A, for immunity and glowing skin.

Brazil nuts

Yes, we are nut junkies but at the moment these are topping the list. Native Amazonians cherished Brazil nuts, as they provide fats, proteins and essential nutrients in a handy little hit. They also contain large amounts of selenium, helpful for preventing heart disease, liver protection and cancer. We love them in pestos, in place of pine nuts, or dipped in dark chocolate for a sweet snack.


Brazil is the worlds 4th largest producer of coconuts, and ‘agua de coco’ is the Brazilians favourite drink. Dubbed ‘Mother Natures sports drink’, due to the high levels of potassium and electrolytes it contains, it’s got plenty going for it, but make sure you buy a raw, unpasteurised kind such as Unoco, unless of course, you can get your hands on a fresh young green one. We are also whipping up Beijinhos de Coco – coconut kisses – at any given moment. A combination of condensed milk, butter and coconut, we defy you to not devour the whole plate. Find a recipe here.


Brazil is responsible for over 40% of the world coffee production, making it the true national drink. We’re bordering on coffee obsessives too and will be brewing Brazils finest for the duration of the World Cup. As well as our morning cup of joe, we are adding coffee to ice creams and desserts, and making endless iced lattes. The most unusual coffee recipe we’ve come across is Jamie Oliver’s cheddar with honey and coffee. Simply drizzle mature cheddar with good quality runny honey and sprinkle with freshly ground coffee beans. Tastes pretty extraordinary and is definitely a conversation starter – although the jury’s out here at G’NOSH – we’re divided!

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