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Whose the Daddy?

It’s crept around pretty fast, but we’re celebrating our dads this Sunday. Treat yours to something special from the kitchen this weekend – you can’t go wrong with our pinchos brunch or a beetroot burger.

Fry up some steamed Jersey Royals, or any small salad potato, in hot oil along with a chilli sauce of your choice. We like Gran Luchito but feel free to use whatever you have in the cupboard. Cook your pinchos as per the packs instructions, remove from the stick and stir through the potatoes. Fry an egg and place it on top. Finish with the marinade from the pinchos and a sprinkling of chilli. Bring to him in bed and this’ll get you serious brownie points.

Our Beetroot and Mint dip is fab in a burger. Try with sweet potato chips (our favourite) and a serving of dip on the side. We also love it with any roast lamb; the mint complements it perfectly and lamb is in its prime right now. Make sure you buy British!

We don’t know about you, but our dads go crazy for a good old fashioned sandwich. We love a crusty ciabatta filled with unearthed charcuterie, crisp leaves and plenty of our red pepper dip, or try upgrading his weekly doner kebab; fill a large pitta with babaghanoush, shredded lamb and lots of yoghurt sauce. Beats the chippy any day!

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