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Power Couples

As we mentioned before, we love teaming up with other like minded brands. By popular demand we’re back on offer on Ocado, teaming up with Scratch Meals and everyone’s favourite indulgence, Gu puds. In honour of this, we’ve got a few ideas on how to best enjoy G’NOSH with a few other of our favourite brands.

Obviously, dipping crisp breads in G’NOSH is a great way to enjoy it; one of our top brands is Crosta Mollica for authentic Italian grissini. The fennel tarralini are amazing and we defy you not to eat a bag in one go. Another favourite is Conscious Foods, home of natural power snacks. We love their finger millet dippers and rosemary crackers (look out for a G’NOSH and Conscious giveaway next week!). They’re gluten and dairy free too so suitable for any intolerant G’NOSHERS.

We are total chilli nuts here at G’NOSH so Gran Luchito always has a place on our table. This potent blend of Oaxacan chipotle chilli is smoky, deep and absolutely delicious mixed in with our Red Pepper for an extra kick. It’s pretty sublime mixed with cream cheese and fresh coriander too.

If meat is on the menu, sausages are a favourite, and now the suns on its way back in to our lives, we’re already lighting up the barby. Must be our antipodean roots. Muddy Boots burgers are the best in the business, and go perfectly with G’NOSH dips. For the real carnivores, a platter of charcuterie and dips always gets our hearts racing, and unearthed ® is our go-to brand for all things continental. The special reserve speck and bresaola is currently top of our shopping list; divine with some parmesan shavings and a healthy dollop of our award winning Babaghanoush.

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Holy crepe!

So, Lent begins on Wednesday. It seems its time to give something up all over again. Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was an important part of the Christian calendar, a time to reflect on what needs to be changed. Over the years, it’s become a day of indulgence before the fasting that is normally associated with Lent. We don’t need much of an excuse to indulge here at G’NOSH, but here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy a pancake tomorrow – whether or not you are abstaining from chocolate until Easter.

For a twist on a classic American pancake breakfast, serve with crispy pancetta, a drizzle of honey and a few fresh peaches. The salty bacon goes perfectly with the honey and fruit. If you’d like something on the lighter side, try using different flours, quinoa or buckwheat both make brilliant crepes and finish with fresh blueberries, a little yoghurt and flaked almonds.

Our Red Pepper dip is an amazing addition to a savoury crepe. Try it with a good handful of spinach or chard and some shredded chicken (we’re currently obsessed with Rannochs smoked). Serve with a crisp green salad. Try a Mexican twist on your pancakes this year by filling with our black bean, some pulled pork, mashed avocado and fresh coriander.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese crepes make delicious nibbles or a light lunch. Just spread your crepe with some cream cheese, fill with smoked salmon slices, roll and thinly slice.

For a fabulous dessert, try folding some strong espresso through some mascarpone, along with a little icing sugar, vanilla extract and some dark chocolate chips. Roll up and slice, finishing with some cocoa powder. Now that’s what we call an indulgence.

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