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Meat Free Mondays

We’ve been fans of the McCartney’s ‘Meat Free Monday’ movement for a while now. Whilst we do love a good steak here at G’NOSH, we’re becoming increasingly aware of its impact on the environment and conscious that when we do indulge, it’s in best quality, grass fed meat. Giving up meat for one day a week isn’t too much to ask, and with G’NOSH making it easy to rustle up a vegetarian meal in a heartbeat, it’s easier than ever to go meat free.

Our revved up Red Pepper dip is a wonderful stuffing for giant Portobello mushrooms. Simply mix a few spoonfuls with a handful of cooked quinoa and a little spinach. Spoon the mix into the mushrooms and sprinkle with grated cheese. Place under the grill. You can really ring the changes with these; use breadcrumbs or cous cous instead of quinoa, and add any other vegetables you have. We like adding feta for a salty tang.

The Caramelised Onion and Black Bean dip is a perfect addition to vegetarian burgers. It’s our vegan product, so perfect for those of you who want to avoid anything animal derived. Try making burgers with grated courgette, cooked sweet potato and a pinch of paprika, cumin and chilli. Combine with breadcrumbs, our Black Bean dip and season well. Shape into patties and fry lightly until cooked.

Our much loved Beetroot dip goes great in risotto, but why not try making a little beetroot potato cakes? They’re a great addition to your eggs in the morning, or just as they are with some extra dip on the side. Combine shredded potato and carrot with beetroot dip, season well with salt and pepper and add 1 spoonful of flour and an egg. Shape into patties and fry on each side, before finishing in a moderate oven.

Last but not least our Babaghanoush. We don’t need much persuading to eat this just as it is, but we also like making little ‘pizza’s’ with it. You can buy flatbreads from most supermarkets now. We simply heat these and top with babaghanoush, cooked vegetables and a few black olives. Sprinkle with za’atar and lemon zest and you’ve got yourself an Italian inspired Middle Eastern feast!

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