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Delicious Autumn

There’s certainly something romantic about autumn. Maple coloured parks, the lingering smell of bonfire ash; cold, dark evenings lit up with twinkling lights. It’s time to dig out the slow cookers, dust off the casserole dish and prepare yourself for the season of simmering, searing, stewing and sharing. But it’s the clear skies and morning mist we love most, a late sunrise and the promise of a hearty cooked breakfast.

We have a lengthy list of first-thing favourites, but sausages sit somewhere near the top. That rib-sticking, finger-licking goodness fuels us through these glorious Autumnal mornings without reaching for a snack (and we are partial to a snack, here at G’NOSH). We serve ours up in a sandwich slathered with our Black Bean Dip for that fibrous blend of beans, roasted peppers, sweet honey and punchy chipotle, bedded on vibrant spinach and stuffed between seeded bloomer bread. Bliss.

For the more green fingered G’NOSHERS, an apple compote or sauce is wonderful with yoghurts, porridge or French toast. Add it to cakes in place of sugar, and flavour with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and nutmeg for a festive twist. You can even throw it in your sausage sandwich – now that’s a multi usage ingredient! Simply place peeled apple slices in a saucepan with a pinch of sugar and your choice of spices.

We cherish the cheer of sharing good food, and want to shake up a nation floundering over food choices; as a country, were replacing mothers with microwaves, natural fats with emulsifiers, fresh ingredients with faddy inventions and risk leaving behind the feel-good factor of spending time over great food with friends and family. Really, the formula is simple. It’s all about fresh, wholesome food, indulging your taste buds and appeasing your appetite.

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A Gourmet Guy Fawkes

Remember remember the fifth of November…what a great excuse for a firecracker of a party.  We’ve got some scrumptious suggestions for delicious food to enjoy around the bonfire alongside the obligatory sparklers.

Toffee apples and parkin, a sort of gingerbread cake made with oats, both conjure up images of fireworks night, shivering in your boots in awe of the sky. We’re sharing some of our favourite gourmet ways to enjoy the fireworks, so wrap up and tuck in. No need for a soggy burger this year.

Soup is a classic option for standing around in the cold, but why not shake it up and make a thick bean stew with plenty of seasonal vegetables, chick peas, and a generous spoonful of G’NOSH Black Bean dip for extra depth.  Lots of robust herbs like rosemary and sage will give it stacks of flavour, then blend half and leave the rest chunky.

Try our baked bonfire spuds too. Cut large potatoes in half and bake. Once cooked, scoop out the centre and combine with some good melting cheese (we like Gruyere), a little butter and chopped fresh herbs. Mash well and place back in the potato skins. Pop them under the grill until warmed through, wrap in foil and take them outside to enjoy. You could try with sweet potatoes too, combining the flesh with some crumbled feta and sun dried tomatoes. As always, G’NOSH dips are a welcome addition to these; try our Chipotle Hummus with the sweet potato for a smoky kick. Minimal washing up and warm hands too…just don’t forget the spoons!

We all like something sweet to finish off with, so as a nod to the explosions up above, why not try making salted caramel popcorn. Make up some plain popcorn as per the packs instructions. In a pan, mix equal quantities of brown sugar and butter, with a squeeze of golden syrup and a good pinch of salt. Warm though and toss the popcorn in the sugar mixture. Pour onto grease proof paper to cool.

Check out our recipe section for more ideas this Autumn.

Enjoy the fireworks!


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