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Bonfire Night Delights

My kids and I are already looking forward to the 5th November – we love the excitement of fireworks night and the tradition that surrounds Guy Fawkes.

It’s the perfect excuse to get family and friends together for a cosy evening of sparklers, and lots of hearty and delicious food and drink – here are some of my ideas to make your Bonfire Night go off with a BANG!

For something substantial, easy to eat and appealing to both adults and kids, you can’t beat a decent hot-dog! I buy great quality Cumberland sausages from the local butcher, served in a seeded sub roll and offer a range of toppings that guests can choose to customise their ‘dog. Our favourites are:
– G’NOSH Muhumarra Spicy Red Pepper with Grilled Halloumi
-Soft Caramelised Red Onions & Pimento Peppers with Sour Cream

Served with a good selection of salads, dips and crudités, it’s a perfect and simple meal to enjoy while watching the fireworks display.

Bonfire Night would not be complete without some traditional toffee apples. I always use robust Granny Smith apples, and only dip them halfway in the toffee. Before they cool, I recommend rolling them in some chopped pecan nuts, or even a sprinkling of popping candy to fit the fireworks night theme.

I like to make mugs of steaming hot chocolate for all my guests to enjoy in the garden as the evening ends. Use good quality hot chocolate and boil it with milk, some fresh vanilla pods and a stick of cinnamon for some added flavour.

(G’NOSH Founder)

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