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Dipping Into Desserts

Here at G’NOSH we like to keep on top of all the latest food trends, so when éclairs began featuring crab meat, and asparagus started creeping into gourmet ice-creams, I felt compelled to explore the sweet, sweet world of savoury desserts.

Gourmet chocolatiers Lindt recently launched strands of new savoury infused chocolate blocks including Chilli and Salt chocolate, and thankfully this trend hasn’t ended on the supermarket shelf.

Restaurants and bakeries are also pushing the boundaries of classic sweet desserts and pastries. One restaurant in Ludlow, La Becasse, encourages diners to ditch classic cheesecakes and fondants in favour of desserts sporting a little less sugar, such as their Tart of Cheese and Charred Leek “Marmalade” combined with Smoked Tomato Chutney.

The savoury dessert that seems to have taken centre stage is the ever-popular cupcake. Recently taking America by storm, I can see how the simple recipe of a cupcake base is an attractive platform to experiment with savoury gourmet ingredients. Whilst the Lasagne Cupcake is the canapé of the moment in N.Y, the English seem to be quite taken with Bob Blumer’s Lamb Cupcakes and I have even experimented myself using G’NOSH Beetroot & Mint in cupcakes with dark chocolate – unusual but surprisingly tasty!

Although cupcakes are fun, I dare you to be slightly more adventurous by trying a variation of Arch London’s Foie Gras, Chilli-infused Crab and Soft Cheese éclair. My recipe is simple to put together and a great starting point to get you in the mood for the sweet/savoury combination.

If you’re comfortable making pastry then put together a choux pastry mixture and make your own éclairs – however if you’re pushed for time, simply purchase some pastry cases from your local bakery. Next you need to mix together some fresh soft goat’s cheese and mix with some G’NOSH Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Dip then squeeze or pipe this mixture into your pastry cases. Complete your first savoury dessert with some fresh basil leaves.

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