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Cooling Summer Drinks

With the sun finally beating down on the UK after a bit of a slow-start to the summer, I wanted to share with you a range of refreshing drinks that are great for all of the family.
Rather than allowing children to indulge in endless fizzy pop, this selection look great, aren’t filled with caffeine or sugar and best of all are the perfect, thirst-quenching addition to any alfresco dining occasion or just as a tasty afternoon treat for you and your family and friends.

With some stylish ways of serving this range of fruity drinks your little ones will feel as if they’re enjoying a sophisticated and grown-up drink, whilst you can rest assured that their teeth aren’t rotting and enjoy a glass yourself!

These are also great for serving to family and friends who don’t like to consume alcohol or are driving.

Iced Green Tea ‘Ginger Mojito’
• Make a batch of green tea and allow to cool
• Chop some fresh mint leaves, so you roughly have enough to fill two tablespoons full
• Juice two limes and grate one of them too
• Grate some fresh ginger so you have enough to fill 2 tablespoons
• Half fill a jug with crushed ice and pour over the cool green tea and the juice from the limes
• Add the fresh mint and ginger and stir with a large wooden spoon
• Turn some tumbler style plastic glasses upside down and wet the edges, then dip into a little brown sugar
• Pour into the tumblers and add a wedge of lime and some spare mint leaves to each glass

Pomegranate Punch
• Fill a jug with some crushed ice
• Cut a pomegranate in half and using a sieve to catch all of the pips, capture all of the juice in the jug
• Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into the jug
• Top up with sparkling water
• To add a touch of glamour, serve in martini glasses

Berry Cooler
• In a blender add a 200g pot of natural yoghurt, 150g fresh raspberries, 100g fresh strawberries, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon full of runny honey, and some fresh mint leaves
• Blitz and then add some crushed ice and blend once again
• Pour into plastic beakers and garnish with half of a strawberry or a couple of raspberries

Pineapple Delight
• In a blender blitz up some chopped, fresh pineapple, or if you only have tinned use this instead and add with a tin of coconut milk and some crushed ice
• Pour into glasses and serve with a wedge of pineapple and a cherry

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