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Goat’s Cheese & Prosciutto Dippers

Here at G’NOSH, we love to talk about our fresh, gourmet dips, but we believe that what you dip in them is just as important!

Although a handful of nachos or some simple crudités of carrot, celery, endive leaves and chunky slices of pepper are tasty, with just a little more prep time you can prepare some delicious dippers that make perfect pre-dinner nibbles when you have guests.

This is one of our favourite recipes, and is perfect to dip into our G’NOSH Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Chunky.

You’ll just need a packet of frozen puff pastry sheets, some fresh prosciutto, goats cheese, fresh thyme and some eggs to brush over the pastry.

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Spring Salads

April is just round the corner, and with it comes the delicious, fresh salads of spring. Rocket, watercress and wild garlic are all in season, and so it’s the perfect opportunity to start experimenting with some punchy, spicy flavours.

Wild garlic can be found in woodlands, and often near or around bluebells. It’s really pretty with its delicate white flowers and lush leaves. Unlike, domestic garlic, we eat the leaves not the bulbs, and they are delightful to just add to a salad as a flavoursome garnish.

There are many ways of being creative with salads, and these nutrient packed leaves are a tasty, fuss-free way to eat delicious and healthy food.

Here’s two of our favourite recipes for seasonal salads:

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Charlotte’s Homemade Pizzas make great G’NOSH

A rainy afternoon – what a great time to make pizzas with my children! A favourite pastime of our little ones, keeping them busy, messy and very happy. Stretching the dough, putting the ingredients into small bowls so everyone can help themselves to their own favourite combo of toppings. And of course, using G’NOSH as an exceptional base…

We like to make our own dough. A basic pizza dough recipe makes the best crust.

My secret tip – add a dollop of honey to the dough – it makes a beautiful difference. You can add other mix-ins like dried oregano to customize it. I never worry about rolling the dough into a perfect circle. The more rustic the better!

Here is quick, easy, yummy homemade pizza dough, which you can top any way that you like. This makes a thin crust but it can be doubled for a thick crust.

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