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What’s in season?

Now that we can buy pretty much any ingredient all year round, we often lose touch with what’s in season. Although it’s great to be able to have such a wide variety of produce whenever we need it, it’s also good to become aware of what’s best when – and how it was grown.

Now is the time for the versatile vegetable or salad leaf, chicory, with its distinctive white bulb that gives a satisfying and deliciously bitter crunch.

Here at G’NOSH HQ, we love to keep thing simple and so we simply spoon a dollop of Beetroot & Mint Chunky on to each leaf and top with a couple of cubes of crumbly feta cheese and a sprinkling of chopped toasted walnuts.

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What’s In A Name?

There’s so much to consider when choosing a name. How to capture all the passion we’ve put into our dips to ensure they are the freshest and most delicious they can be, while still shouting about all the fun we’ve had doing it.

Why did we come up with G’NOSH? Well our dips are the perfect food for sociable sharing, easy-going eating – that’s the NOSH. But they’re more than that. We use the best quality ingredients, to make sure that all our dips are fresh and bursting with flavour because we care about what we eat. We love gourmet, and that’s what the G stands for.

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